• [Restock] D65 Mechanical Keyboard kit

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    [Restock] D65 Mechanical Keyboard kit

    Specification :

      1. The PCB is fixed by 2 pieces of foam which are able to provide a dampened sound and feel tends to be quieter
      2. Replaceable Blockers and Brass weight
      3. 65% Layout, Gasket Mount
      4. Weight: 1200g (PC case+brass weight+brass plate);1650g(Alu case+brass weight+brass plate)
      5. Designer:KBDfans Wei


      • D65 case and Brass weight
      • Two foams( Case foam and PCB foam)
      • RGB Hot-swap PCB (Per-Key RGB)
      • Cherry Screw-in stabs
      • Plate: Polycarbonate/Brass/FR4
      • Screws/ Rubber feet/ Gaskets

      Switches options for D65:

      Carrying Case for D65:

      Replaceable Extra Blockers:

      Soldered version assemble service for D65:

      Hot-swap version assemble service for D65:


        PC, Brass, FR4


        INK Black Polycarbonate, Clear Polycarbonate, Black, Grey, E White, E Yellow, Purple, Burgundy Red


        hot swap