• [IN PRODUCTION] pixelspace studio x KBDfans Endless-80 Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

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    [IN PRODUCTION] pixelspace studio x KBDfans Endless-80 Mechanical Keyboard DIY KIT

  • Group Buy Date:June 5th to July 5th, 2021
  • Estimated shipping date: will be announced after the GB ends
  • Inspiration

    “ENDLESS-80”, yes, it is a spaceship that travels through the endless universe. This is the original intention of the author of “pixelspace studio” when designing this kit. The author is a science fiction fan. He is interested in all kinds of science fiction works, so the overall style of the kit is more “sci-fi” and “cyberpunk”. The team spent 4 months on the front side RGB lighting effect, in order to make it look cooler and more connotative. For the light trough of the CAPS lamp, the team also select plenty of different kinds, and finally chose this kind of retro PC design to fit the overall package. The overall style, “A gift from the future”, it is a gift from the future!


    • Top Mount
    • The typing angle: 5 degree
    • Layout: 80% TKL Layout, the solder PCB support multiple layouts (7U space bar, 6.25U space bar, ISO enter keys), Hot-swap PCB only support 7U space bar
    • The PCB support QMK/VIA
    • The RGB Light Diffuser is designed for Caps lock


    • Aluminum top and bottom case x1
    • Aluminum type-c cover X1
    • Aluminum nameplate x1
    • Aluminum painted weight bar x1
    • Aluminum light slot x1
    • 1.5mm Aluminum(Brass,PC) Plate x1
    • 1.6mm Hot-swap PCB x1
    • PCB for RGB x1
    • Polished acrylic LGP(light guide plate) x1
    • Acrylic black light covers x1
    • 4MM PORON foam x1
    • 3MM PORON foam x1
    • Light Indicator (Red/Purple/Green) x3
    • Silicone rubber feet x 5

    Specification for RGB lights

    • FN+end= RGB switch
    • FN+Space bar= RGB light mode switch
    • FN+?‘?“= RGB light brightness adjustment
    • FN+??’= RGB light hue adjustment
    • FN+pgup/pgdn= Light saturation adjustment

    Software link: ;



      E beige case+ E yellow weight, E beige case+ Purple weight, E yellow case+ Brown weight, Purple case+ Green weight, Black case+ Green weight, Grey case+ Brown weight, Black case+ Red weight


      Alu, Polycarbonate, Brass


      Solder PCB, Hot swap PCB