• [IN PRODUCTION] Melody65

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    [IN PRODUCTION] Melody65

    Limited 500sets for Group Buy: Start at 10:00 a.m. EST on October 26th,GB ends 20 November, we will close first if stock of 500 will end.

    Melody65 update

    we have been following up the production schedule. However, some parts have not been given an accurate delivery date before, so it is impossible to provide an approximate delivery date.
    According to the currently known news, some orders began to be shipped at the end of May (Aluminum Navy and Polycarbonate options will be postponed), and the production cycle of brass weight is slow, which affects the overall progress.
    We will update the progress again at the end of May!

    This is the Group Buy for the Melody65, an high profile and thicc ?‹top mount keyboard.To add multiple kits, compile the form multiple times.
    You can get the founder edition here:
    Melody65 limited edition:
    You can get extras here:

    Extra Meloly65 PCB:

    Extra Meloly65 Plate:

    Extra Meloly65 Foams:

    We suggest to buy foam to make the sound better and more dampened!
    Note:Case foam has holes for RGB, but might reduce the rgb underglow if you picked PC bottom and universal PCB
    • Each standard kit includes a brass weight on bottom, founder edition doesn?™t have a brass weight
    • Keyboard has a 7?‹째angle
    • Both the PCB are QMK and also VIA compatible
    • PCBs layout:?‹
    • To achieve RGB on bottom you need Universal PCB + Polycarbonate bottom.
    • To achieve RGB on top you need Hotswap PCB ANSI
    • Each PCB will have a type-C daughterboard PCB,PCB color is Matte Black
    • Design is different between standard and founder edition:?‹?‹
    • Brass parts are coated ?‹
    • Plate will match the PCB layout you pick
    • Colors of aluminum can?™t be mixed, whatever color you pick, that will be used on all your aluminum parts
    • E-white costs more, depending on how many parts you pick, for a total of +$39 for 3 pieces(top/bottom/plate)

    Keep in mind that what you see is the result of a prototype and renders, which can not represent exactly the final product you will get.
    Plates design might be slightly changed to make them better, still there will be 2 different plates(universal and hotswap ansi)
    The front of the case will be slightly lowered (about 2-3mm) because the keyboard is very high and big and the design might slightly change to allow better tolerances between parts.
    Check Taeha Types stream of the Melody65:

    VIA Firmware

        Top Case

        Alu Black, Alu Dark Grey, Alu Silver, Alu Dark Purple, Alu Burgundy, Alu Navy, Alu E White, Polycarbonate

        Bottom Case (Note1: If you pick alu anodized, the color will match the top color picked; Note2: Brass weight included in all standard bottom)

        Alu Anodized, Polycarbonate

        PCB Layout+Plate ( Universal: has rgb underglow, no rgb on top; Hotswap: has rgb per-key, no underglow; Note: If you picked the Alu anodized plate, the color willl match the top color picked)

        Universal solder PCB+Alu anodized plate, Universal solder PCB+Polycarbonate Plate, Universal solder PCB+Brass Plate, Hotswap ANSI PCB+Alu anodized plate, Hotswap ANSI PCB+Polycarbonate Plate, Hotswap ANSI PCB+Brass Plate