• [IN PRODUCTION] KBDfans D45 Gasket mechanical keyboard kit

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    [IN PRODUCTION] KBDfans D45 Gasket mechanical keyboard kit

    GB Date: March 1st-March 15th

    D45 is currently waiting for the brass weight to be completed. Other parts have been produced.

    D45 Via Flash Manual: (The PCB would come pre-flashed with VIA compatible firmware already. So you don’t need the QMK anymore. would solve it for you.)


    • Case: Aluminum Case
    • Weight: Brass weight
    • Plate: Fr4,Brass, Aluminum
    • Structure: gasket mount
    • Layout: 50% layout
    • PCB: Hot-swap RGB PCB(QMK firmware)
    • Connection: USB-C
    • Foams: bottom foam and middle foam
    • Design by Wei


    • Aluminum case (include brass weight)
    • Plate ( Fr4 or Brass or Aluminum)
    • Hot-swap RGB PCB(QMK firmware)
    • Two foams (bottom foam and middle foam)
    • Gaskets
    • Cherry screw-in stabs 60 set

    Extra PCB:

    Extra Plate:

    Extra Foams:

    Extra Gaskets:


    Alu Anodized Black, Alu Anodized Grey, Alu Anodized Silver, Electrostatic coating Grey, Electrostatic coating Blue


    RGB Hot swappable


    Brass, Aluminum, FR4