• [IC] Axol Studio Yeti Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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    [IC] Axol Studio Yeti Mechanical Keyboard Kit

    Axol Studio Yeti

    Group buy date: July 15th- August 15th, 2021


    • Aluminum or PC case
    • Gasket mounted
    • 6 Degree typing angle
    • QMK and VIA support
    • JST Daughterboard (Unified Daughterboard Spec, USB C)
    • 3.2 kg unbuilt for aluminum version
    • Multiple plate options brass, PC
    • Brass Weight bar
    • Designed by Snomo


    • Amethyst (Dyed purple polycarbonate)
    • Sapphire (Dyed blue polycarbonate)
    • Morganite (Dyed pink polycarbonate)
    • E-White
    • E-Black

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    Yeti Case

    Aluminum Black, E white, Polycarbonate Amethyst Purple, Polycarbonate Sapphire Blue, Polycarbonate Morganite Pink


    Polycarbonate, Brass